English Tiket Policies

You Study Two (2) Days per Week (1.) because you want to be a regular student of mine. If you don’t want to be a regular student, that’s okay, but your lessons cannot be expected to get the same long-term attention. Of course I will do my best when with you and will prepare and send session notes and voice clips, but you cannot expect the same growth as would be experienced by a student working with me two days a week. In addition, unless you just do not have the time or resources, I will imagine you are not as serious–with no hard feelings. If resources are a problem, we can probably work something out.Carl.in.class
(2.) Students studying once a week make it difficult to maintain tutoring agency; (2.) because studying once a week prevents other students from studying twice a week at premium hours, or you must take less desirable slots of time because they have to take precedence; (3.) “Once-a-weekers” are more likely to take leave and expect their day reserved, again stopping others from learning and degrading the agency; (4.) make timely progress difficult and keep student satisfaction low.

You pay for a month in advance so that (1.) your class time and day are reserved, (2.) I don’t have to take other jobs and students when you are sick or don’t show up, (3.) so I don’t lose income and can afford to come and teach you, (4.) I don’t spend money on travel and lesson material even when you don’t show up, (5.) so I don’t spend time in preparation for a student who may quit at any time, (6.) and so we are both serious.


Lessons cancelled the same day or the night before are lost along with the tuition payed for them because (1.) they are an incredible inconvenience insofar as they take the place of other jobs, student lessons and personal appointments at premium time which  cannot be recovered; (3) if they were not, the agency would collapse, because no one would take it seriously, including me. Lessons canceled in an emergency 48 hours in advance can be made up before the end of the study month. 

Rain Dates:

Students who take a leave or vacation and promise to return on a certain day must do so or they lose that and other days they miss. the reason for this is people love a break, and they will try to extend it, which means the teacher is left standing like a fool with no student, no income and no progress that day, because he cannot fill that space with another student. In addition, he immediately worries the student is quitting. This is called unnecessary stress and no smart, self-respecting teacher tolerates it.