Favorite Quotes

The Buddha said we need not a devil to curb or blame for our behavior; the mind is devlish enough when it is not tamed. This is not an invitation to the prosecution of thought crime, as is evident in the theisms. It is an awareness that says without deciding what to deposit and not to deposit into one’s mind and minus the curbing of one’s habits, his or her mind can drive the habits to take us to misfortune and suffering. Everyday I am amazed at people I witness whom I would guess come from the theisms (so ostensibly have this omnipotent god on their side), but who willingly — or unconsciously — step into ego-driven tortures and then complain incessently about the perfectly predictable calamatous results they surpriaingly find themselves in. One would think their god, his book and their prayers and requisite religious minds and behaviors therefrom would have made them sensible, peacable and content human beings, but itvis these people causing most of the trouble in the world.

– Carl Atteniese

Be such a man that if every man were like you, the world would be a paradise.

– Jonathan Phillip Burke

‘Love is the saving grace of humanity.’

– Erich Fromm

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

– Einstein

“Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by the age of eighteen.”


“You don’t see the world as it is, you see it as you are.”

  • Anais Nin

“That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap, for mankind.”

-Dr. Neil A. Armstrong

“The earth is a planet.”

-Astronaut/Professor Mike Massamino

“If you want to stop terrorism, stop engaging in it.”

-Dr. Noam Chomsky

Dualism, borne of the diametric opposites taught in the main theisms, results in the schisms of our cognition, materialisms, divisive politics, and relationships and is the prime cause of our neurosis, lack of wisdom, plethora of violence, and the suffering in the world.

Singularity, or The Oneness of All Things–as taught in the tenets of Zen Buddhisn, Taoism, and other transcendentalisms, is the best foundation and cognitive source of enlightened consciousness, true love, true peace, and the elimination of dualism and suffering.

– Carl Atteniese

Truth is arrived at by spiritual growth and behavioral improvement, a singularist philosophy, and science.

– Carl Atteniese

Love is the underwriter and foundation of all good health, (personal and interpersonal), success, and happiness.

– Carl Atteniese

The American people and the world need an amendment to the US Constitution… banning privately funded political parties, candidate-selection, and elections–if we are ever to solve issues of hunger, social & economic disparity, war, climate mutation, disease, and energy politics in America and abroad.

– Carl Atteniese

Comedy is the last bastion of free speech and it is steadily under attack for the erosion of the mind, which will be censored next, as it was in ancient religions.

– Carl Atteniese