Idiom: Beating Around The Bush

To beat around the bush means to take a long time explaining something. Synonyms would be dragging something out, and belaboring the point, as in “Don’t belabor the point.” Antonyms would be getting to the point or keeping it simple.

Wonwoo: Are we still meeting, Saturday?

Jane: Sure.  Is there something wrong?

Wonwoo: No. Not at all.

Jane: So, why did you ask whether I am still into it or not?


Wonwoo: Well, you said last night you that haven’t seen your friends in a while, so….

Jane: So, you were wondering whether I had wanted to see them–instead, on Saturday?

Wonwoo: Sort of.

Jane: Oh. Thank you for thinking of me, Wonwoo, but next time, don’t beat around the bush.

Wonwoo: What do you mean?

Jane: I mean, tell me straight out… what you are worried about.