Carl Atteniese Jr. 卍道

cropped-cropped-img_20161110_123656.jpgHonesty, Character and Virtue measure and ensure our goodness, evidenced in our intellectual honesty, reason, love and benevolence toward all beings. Honesty, Character and Virtue are not proven by cleverness, success, gods, education or honor, which is the measure of one’s worthiness and success in serving others.

Welcome! This is Carl Atteniese’s writing, video and art  — most of which deals with ethics and philosophical points of view on science, religion, morality, politics, language and culture.

Carl is also known by his Buddhist name, 卍道 — or “Mando” in Korean “Manji Michi” in Japanese, and Wan Tao in Chinese.

All  writing and imagery at this site is Copyright ©Carl Atteniese 2017

Please contact Carl on Social media — at Kakao, Facebook, Instagram, or if you like — at a platform such as Telegram or Line. If Carl does not have the platform you prefer, he will get it. The reason for this is, these systems are more secure — especially Telegram, they have better chat features, such as in Kakao and Line (Facebook is the least desirable). First and foremost, Carl prefers to leave his E-mail for professional purposes, such as for errands, education, visas, taxes, job-search and healthcare. In addition, extra data space at Google is no longer free and it — as is the case with other email and data services — are not democratic, private, non-invasive or free from invasion.

Thank you.

Resist and be Peacful.

Mando Arts