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1. The Minimum Lesson Time is three (3) hours per 1 week.

  • This can be 3 hours on 1 day, or 1 and 1/2 hours on 2 different days each week.

2. The minimum number of lesson hours is twelve (12) per  1 month.*


*Please Understand: SCHEDULING FEWER HOURS THAN THIS creates an unserious learning and business situation as well as difficulties for other students. The difficulties for other students come, because they who would have more lessons with me can’t, as the casual student occupies fewer days and hours in the schedule, thus preventing others who want two or three days to study but cannot — because the casual students take those days.  Another problem is I have to dedicate equal or more time, effort and money to the causal student for less pay. Finally, the cancellations and terminations of casual students leave holes in the schedule that could have been occupied by serious students and thus business and study opportunities are irrevocably lost.

3. Canceled* Lessons are lost with pay

  • *Not coming = cancelling

4. Postponed Lessons Require two (2) days notice

  • If you try to postpone the day before the lesson, it is cancelled.
  • Postponing on the same day as the lesson = canceling the lesson

5. Make-up Lessons must take place (happen/be done) before the end of the study/payment month/period/time


Thank you for your interest in English Tiket.
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