Separating Migrant Children
June 20, 2018

Regarding The Driveway Police Incident
May 26, 2018

We can protest and change campaign politics, the laws and the police force we all maintain with our citizenship, but until we succeed, it serves no one to think of ourselves as separate or as victims and to resist police officers doing their jobs.

The officer of the law has a right and responsibility mandated by you and meー the citizensーto carry out that law according to his trainingーwhich falls directly into the hands of the citizenry via their representatives.

Comply with the law or change it.

Don’t live in fear, entitlement or assuming a position of victim.
Be courteous, cooperative, understanding and courageous and give your fellowsーpolice men and women or garbage men and women equal due as you’d afford your family and friends.

Don’t act suspiciously and when you do, expect requisite reactions within reason, not reactions according to what you think should be or according to special treatment.

Live in the real world of human behavior and love your neighbors and do your part to make a better worldーnot one that increases discord, tension and stressーall of which are violence before they become the violence we fear most.

Watch School Shootings, Prayer And Campaigns
May 21, 2018

To Condemn Israel
May 16, 2018

Sanction And End Aid Until Israeli Policy Changes for 1 Year

Regardless of how one entity instigates and provokes another, it is still the other’s responsibility as to whether it reacts violently or not; this is ever more so the case in terms of responsibility when the other is more powerful and even more egregiously when an occupier. The ‘he made me shoot him’ alibi is always an admission of culpability and it is up to intellectually honest and mentally healthy people to say so.

The policeman who shoots the perpetrator, the teacher who smacks the annoying student, the parent who beats the recalcitrant child, the prison guard who abuses the troublemaker inmate, the owner who does the same to his dog; all are to blame in the end.
I, myself, in poems and speech and essay have blamed the Arabs for behaving the stupidest in the universe, for verbal, physical and military provocation – taking their side! – agree that they should remain peaceful and maintain the moral high ground, which they own bar all arguments to the contrary – and could keep if they would not attack their oppressors, but the final result is what matters. The bully is killing the annoying bullied – and must be condemned, regardless the reasons.
Israel is wrong for its genocide-like policies toward the Palestinians and anyone who sees it otherwise is engaging in identity politics, disinformation and lies at worst and is ignorant and in-compassionate in the least. In either case, they are unfair and wrong.
We don’t live in the past, a fantasy and a recollection of dead times, so the wars Arabs prosecuted against Israel are not the issue anymore. Israel won and has taken Arab land and has abused Arabs on it for far too long.
While it is true the Arabs there have attacked Israel and this is wrong and stupid, it is at least as justifiable if not more so than Israelis attacking Palestinians with sophisticated weapons who stand near a fence and throw epithets, slogans and even rocks.
If a group mounts a paramilitary attack, shoot at them, but only at them. Once you kill even one person who was only speaking, you are wrong and morally culpable. The Israelis and their American-backed (and now -directed, in some cases) war machine have killed thousands in this way and have made life in the territories a prison sentence of privation and desperation. Were you or I there, we would be tempted to be protesting – perhaps even violent – too.
Men and women in fully outfitted military hardware, carrying the latest in sophisticated weaponry and overseeing the people they are self-appointed overlords of have a greater responsibility than the average national in a far off land at odds with an enemy; the Israelis must act like the parent, the pet-owner*, the prison guard, the school teacher, the baby sitter, the doctor, the police officer; instead, they are the new Nazis and must be condemned, and I would even say sanctioned for it and cautioned they risk losing their place in the UN. To do otherwise makes us partners in their axis and is morally reprehensible.
*The reader fully understands what is meant by this choice of words and will only misinterpret this choice of words to deliberately leverage an intellectually dishonest agenda, which will not be recognized. the remaining body of this piece and the other writing done by this author is ample evidence of fairness and compassion, respect and care for all human beings. Any malicious, ethniphobic or otherwise insulting interpretation taken from this writing is the fabrication, authorship and responsibility of the reader.
Photo: REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa


Let’s Restore Democracy to The USA
February 13, 2018

I have simplified and improved the background article supporting the Petition to Ban Private Campaign Finance in America and added a subtitle to clarify its purpose

Please sign it, friends. All our political challenges would be light years closer to their possible solutions were we to create a critical mass of citizen support for this change.

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