Separating Migrant Children
June 20, 2018

Regarding The Driveway Police Incident
May 26, 2018

We can protest and change campaign politics, the laws and the police force we all maintain with our citizenship, but until we succeed, it serves no one to think of ourselves as separate or as victims and to resist police officers doing their jobs.

The officer of the law has a right and responsibility mandated by you and meー the citizensーto carry out that law according to his trainingーwhich falls directly into the hands of the citizenry via their representatives.

Comply with the law or change it.

Don’t live in fear, entitlement or assuming a position of victim.
Be courteous, cooperative, understanding and courageous and give your fellowsーpolice men and women or garbage men and women equal due as you’d afford your family and friends.

Don’t act suspiciously and when you do, expect requisite reactions within reason, not reactions according to what you think should be or according to special treatment.

Live in the real world of human behavior and love your neighbors and do your part to make a better worldーnot one that increases discord, tension and stressーall of which are violence before they become the violence we fear most.

May 24, 2018

cropped-img_20180520_121300.jpgWhat I like about the Hawaiian volcano activity is it reminds us that even though we can say we are trying to deal with this very old problem of climate change that is really kicking the ass of life on Earth, Nature is on to the “next” thing, and that thing may make climate change worse – while self-maintained idiocy among the most dangerous species on the planet is perpetuating a debate of its very existence.

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Today in Tokyo: Why I came to Japan (1)
May 10, 2018

The Iran Deal, Taught Right
April 25, 2018

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